Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Life continues well, I have my own flat, albeit with a larger mortgage than I would like, a car (fully paid, but getting on), a job which I hate but which pays the mortgage.

My Life:

Monday: Work
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work from home and bumble around
Saturday: Sleep
Sunday: Shop

Mon dieu I need a life :-(

Went out with Kim and Justin last Sunday for Kims' birthday to Chu Chin Chow, the "posh" Chinese restaurant in West Byfleet which also does Sushi. although the sushi was only about to my own standard the meal was OK. Justin had the Prawns deepfried in noodles to start which were excellent, and my Drunken Fish was not too bad.

Cooked Sushi the day afterwards although I cooked too much rice, it was OK and I have to admit that I really like Tuna Mayo with chives as a filling.

Was going to cook either Kims' (Welteks') chicken or Tummys' pizza today, but I couldn't find last weeks dry shopping so need to buy more Oregano and yeast. I'm sure when I do the new jar will clink on the ones that I cannot find now.