Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Well, as it happens...

As it turns out I get a call from Abdul telling me that he went to Simians last year and thinks that Amandies would be fun. Whilst I tend to agree with him there are reasons (ref Bunny Boiler, which could be liveable if I had done anything other than take her shopping once) that I do not fancy that idea.

So I explain to him that I am not particularly fond of the idea of driving 20 odd miles to pick him and Kim up, then drive 20 odd miles back (having a ruby at one end or t'other), dropping them off at a bash I choose not to attend, then picking them up and driving 20 odd miles on country roads, which the radio tells me are going to be icy, plus all the idiots who think they can drive after a skinful about, and then another 20 odd miles home. He seems a little bemused, but tells me that that is his plan. I suggest he picks me up.

So he agrees to pick me up at seven, bang on quarter past he turns up (it was a little nippy out, I enjoy that it was only about 28 (-2) which was OK, and there was meant to be a great display in the heavens tonight, sadly it was cloudy.

The three of us go to Monsoon (top Indian in the area, if you are in Egham give it a bash), I had a most palatable chicken chat and a fantastic shell on prawn and onion dish, and the dhal samba was very well received by Kim and myself. Had a lovely time, however Abdul seemed to have changed his mind about what their plan for the evening was, so now they were going to Amandies for ten minutes and then on to Simians.

tbh one was a little frustrated by this, so I spent new year at home on my own, which was really what I fancied anyway, although this way I had a lovely meal as well!

New Years Eve

It is funny how things never happen singly.

As I said in my previous post I'm off with Abdul and Kim to Simians pub.

However Amandie has also invited me round for fun and games at her place with her chaps family, could have been a fun night, although my stalker will probably also be there which would have taken the shine off for me.

Apparently the bash this evening is going to have a gold theme, so Simian has asked me to pop round to his mothers to pick up his gold lame jacket. Not sure how I am going to go gold, all of my stuff is silver. May have to ask the restaurant for some turmeric to rub in.

Just waiting to see if one gets another invite!

TBH all that I really wanted to do was have a quiet night in meditating on the past year, however I know that I would have had someone bashing on my door until all hours telling me that I shouldn't be alone.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Been on this internetty thing for over ten years now, not sure why I haven't blogged before, but it seems like an idea.

Today, another dull day working from home, still I have fixed up New Years. One of my chums is a landlord, so I am going to his place with a couple of mates, picking them up in Farnborough and going for a Ruby there. and then on.

Really have to tidy the car though, so will take an half day tomorrow.