Sunday, 29 March 2009

Small things

Why is is that almost everyone in the country would be happy to allow any Gurkha to live here yet the government thinks that people who have given at least 15 years of their life for the country should be sent home as soon at their tour is over?

2 3/4 years ago I was outsourced, the rules over here are that a number of things go with you when you transfer companies, including redundancy payments, this expires after 3 years. Guess when the company I work for now is starting to lay people off? I appreciate that companies may need to make people redundant these days, but to make people redundant one day after 3 years is over seems like a mean thing to do (particularly after the deals non transferred people have had).

Clocks changed last night, I am going to amble round confused for a while now.

I have an headache, it feels like a coffee headache, but I haven't drunk coffee for months.

I was supposed to be going to a meeting in Germany next week, however we were able to sort everything by telephone, sort of a shame since I like Germany, however since it was going to be a first flight in, last flight out thing overall I am a little relieved. The thing is when I heard about the meeting I checked for my passport (which is always in the same place) and couldn't find it. which reminded me that I was also unable to find it the last time I wanted to go to France.

Anyway my flat is in a bit of a state after my searches, however I finally found it somewhere that I would swear I had checked at least twice before.

Final thing...

I remember the first time I went to the USA it was in October, and some of the TV stations were showing horror films at all hours of the day I seem to remember that they showed Halloween at about mid-day, but when we were watching the Shining at about midnight in a scene where there was a painting of a topless lady her baps had been pixellated out.

The reason that this comes to mind is that an American TV station called PBS was showing King Lear recently, they were more than happy to show Gloucester having his eyes gouged out but drew the line at showing an old man with his trousers down.

In the UK this makes no sense, either cut both parts, or if only cutting one cut the violence. I think it is another one of those "but it seems so similar" things.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Finally I have finished putting together my flatpack furniture :-)

The flat is starting to look a lot better, putting my books away makes such a difference!

Still quite a bit to do to get the flatlet fully in order. New kitchen, new bathroom, and new windows next!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Flapjack furniture

Life seems odd at the moment.

My boss went out of his way to avoid involvement in my current project, leaving it to me to negotiate with a very senior person from the company we are servicing. Funnily enough I was let down by our offshore people and wasn't able to provide as much as I had promised. Fortunately in a meeting on Friday I managed to pull things out of the bag in a quite spectacular fashion.

A couple of weeks ago (fiends on facebook may remember) I purchased three flapjack bookcases, I put one together last weekend, and one this, I was surprised how easily they went together, and the two that I have constructed really look quite good, one of the shelves is filled with booze, as is my drinks cabinet, at least I can be confident that my drinking is under control, the amount of dust on some of the bottles is shocking!

I tried to make "cookies" last weekend. They tasted revolting when they had cooled, but improved with age, if I ever remember to buy sugar I may make some more. Although I did have to throw about half of them away. The main lesson I learnt was not to put too much mixture on the tray, all of my biscuits had squared edges from where they had flowed into each other.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A few vague thoughts

A few vague thoughts

I went shopping in Windsor today, and was somewhat disturbed to see a couple of armed policemen. I expect to see armed soldiers outside the barracks, however I am always worried about what sort of country we have become when the police need to be armed.

My Mother went to Arizona. and Nevada for an holiday (Grand Canyon, Kanab, Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas) and had a very pleasing time, however on her way home she slipped getting out of the plane in Chicago and severely damaged her right hands fingers, however she has the British view of American healthcare so she declined the offer of visiting the hospital there and took the flight home so she could go to an NHS hospital and not have any insurance hassles. Anyway the Doc told her that she hasn't broken her fingers, but that it would probably have hurt less if she had.

Today was a beautiful springlike day, and I had a lovely walk around Windsor, it isn't a hugely special town in the areas that I generally walk around (I don't tend to go up the top of the town near the Castle), but it is very comfortable.

As True said it is a bit of a bummer about OT, there is only one person that I am sure is gone as I generally stayed out of the political threads. However there are political people that I would really miss. I still think that a separate forum for politics would be a bad move, although perhaps if there had been one for the Merkin election it may have been a good idea. On this topic I wouldn't mind seeing sports in OT as well, even if I have never heard of any of the sports people.

The problem with politics (and in the UK sports) is that they polarise people, some people actually have political beliefs however it appears to me that more identify themselves with a political group and then adopt that groups policies, I just wish that people would realise that other people have reasons for their beliefs and were prepared to listen to the other side and try to understand why people feel that way.

Torontos finest Greg Brady was on the wireless again on Saturday :-) A magnificent broadcaster, I always enjoy his appearences on Fighting Talk. Thinking of a dual based holiday at the moment, Toronto for a few days, and then down to somewhere in Floridia or the midwest. Really not sure where to go on holiday yet.