Monday, 21 September 2009

Wot no cream?

Well... It is going to be another one of those insane weeks at work, but on the positive side my boss has decided that team meetings are better held in Madrid than in the north of England :-)

So I am thinking about OT cooking and had decided that the chicken in a cream and cardamom sauce would be good (just too yummy) when I remember that my Great Aunt who lives somewhere near Washington DC used to smuggle cream back to the US because they couldn't get it there. Must be a family dairy thing, my Mother used to smuggle butter from the Netherlands to Belgium because her Belgian chums parents didn't think the customs officials would search a schoolgirl with a British passport.

So do Merkins have cream? I could do the chicken tomato and olive thingy which is nice, or toad in the hole except I think the sausages are not the same.

English speaking countries roll of dishonour - Sausages

3rd worst - Canada
2nd worst - New Zealand
Worst - USA I mean they don't even have a skin on them.

And with no cream I have no dessert, was going to do Summer Pudding for the temperate people, and it really benefits from being served with cream, or I suppose you could use yoghurt and Bread and butter pudding for those in colder climes, impossible without cream.



Please tell me there is cream out there somewhere!

Oooh! Gammon with a reform club sauce!

No cream how can you live without custard?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Month!

About a month since I last posted!

I guess I should have a lot to report, but it has all been a little black, oh nothing serious just feeling sorry for myself, and apart from work and food shopping I haven't done a lot.

A huge amount of rain yesterday, I read somewhere that the UK has a mini monsoon season. and after the rain yesterday I am starting to believe it may be true.

I always turn my electric cooker off once I have finished cooking, so a while ago I turned it back on to bake some chicken and put my electric steamer on one of the back rings ready for my veg. However it turned out that I had left the ring on when I turned the power off so I ended up with an half melted steamer!

However that did allow me to buy a new electric steamer, three separate steaming compartments, and it times it so that all of them finish at the same time, it is well cool :-)

Sadly the weight isn't coming off very quickly, however I think it is starting to go, although to be fair it will take a while.