Saturday, 15 August 2009

Busy busy Bunny

Been very busy with work, but I am really demotivated at the moment, and there are more redundancies coming :-(

Last Saturday popped to France for the day, it was nice to get away, although the restaurant that we normally go to has decreased in quality although my crab, winkles and whelks were very good. Also the supermarket that we normally go to has changed owners and doesn't have the selection that it did. The patisserie is still fantastic (raspberry religieuse yum), and there is something so refreshing about being somewhere different.

Talking of which working in Rotterdamn on Monday and Tuesday :-) really looking forward to looking round the city again.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Summer Exhibition

Yesterday I went up to London to the RA Summer Exhibition.

Clarification: The Royal Academy ( is the leading art school? Society? in the UK. The summer exhibition is an exhibition where anyone (you , me, anyone) can submit works and RA members decide what should be exhibited.

This year I felt they missed the mark somewhat, there are a number of academicians whose best years are well behind them who still manage to get their works exhibited every year, normally there is at least one work I seriously consider purchasing, this year not so much.

Mater took me to our favourite Dim Sum restaurant before we went to the Academy, simply divine! Ducks feet, prawn dumplings, stuffed mushrooms, paper wrapped prawns, siu mai, cho fun, etc. all served fresh from the trolley, if I could only go to one Chinese restaurant this would be it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Catch Up.

Haven't posted for ages, been a little blue and unfocused.

Anyway here goes...

A while ago my Mother was perusing the paper and noticed that there was a young company of Opera singers performing excerpts as a matinĂ©e in the Covent Garden Opera House, and that the most expensive tickets were only £35! So she booked two tickets and a while later up we went.

I was very tired from working, and we managed to get a little lost on the way there, and I was a little hacked off that I hadn't had Dim-Sum for lunch, still we arrived about three hours before we had to go in and ambled round Covent Garden, have to agree with Kim that it isn't great although some of the street theatre was very enjoyable.

The opera itself was very good, although I have to admit I almost fell asleep a couple of times, don't think I will make a habit of going though. The strangest thing was that the person in the seat in front of me was my Godmothers husband, as they live in Brighton this was very surprising.

Then more life for a while.

And then a fortnight off, first week I spent pretty much in bed recovering, now midway through the second week and am starting to do things, Monday I went to Wisley gardens and have a lovely walk including going through the maize maze. Tuesday popped to the tip with six bags of assorted recyclables. Today flat tidying, tomorrow Dim-sum and the RA summer exhibition, Friday tidying or maybe a visit to Dilek, Saturday popping over to France for a meal and a shop, and Sunday probably more tidying and preparation for a return to work.

Still a little grey though.

We now have an oriental supermarket in town, their dim-sum is a cheapo brand that I had tried before and was unimpressed by, tried it again and sadly it is still unimpressive although the won-ton were very nice, they do the brand of noodles that I usually buy (about 15p more expensive, but then I am not driving to London for them), their squid is very expensive, and the Thai pouches are OK, not as good as the ones I usually get, however not too bad.

Talking of squid I am a little hacked off at Waitrose at the moment, I purchased half a pound of squid from the fresh fish counter, there was a warning that it had been previously frozen, however when they put the squid in a bag for me it was still frozen, so I ended up getting just over a quarter of squid and a quarter of defrosted liquid.

Anyway I must tidy my hall now.